scottsdale primary school

project: Scottsdale Primary School

location: Scottsdale, Tasmania

description: The Refurbished Library, Administration and New Multi Purpose Hall for the school was delivered with great cost effectiveness and innovative solutions. The school had not aged well and from the front door to the back door was a series of endless level changes in small cramped poor functioning spaces.

Birrelli designed a new front door for an enhanced first impression of the school and turned upside down the sequence of spaces and the way they function. Within the old building we increase the area of library by 40% without any additional footprint, and transformed it from a dark dusty repository for books into a light filled, active resource centre. The Administration was turned from a stale internal set of small space that had no clear circulation into a legible healthy working environment looking into a rediscovered courtyard letting good natural ventilation and light into all areas. The new Multi Purpose Hall is front and centre on entry and allows the school a new found ‘connectivity’ with its local community, a wonderful sports and cultural centre and adds to the first impression one gains on visiting the school.

category: educational

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