brickendon convict village

project: Brickendon Convict Village

location: Longford, Tasmania

awards: 2010 Silver PICA : Design
2010 Silver PICA : Signage

description: World Heritage Listed Convict Site Brickendon, a farm complex built by William Archer in 1826 with Ticket of Leave tradesmen and assigned convict labour.

We were commissioned to convert a non heritage delapidated dairy to interpret the story of the assignment of convicts at Brickendon.

The project consisted of both the renovation of the dairy into a publicly accessible building, and the design of interpretive elements all interpreting the story of convict assignment covering crime and tranport, assignment, trades, working and daily life, listings of assigned convicts and the end of the assignment system to the beginning of the probation system and graphics interpreting the position of formerly demolished convict barracks.

category: spatial design, commercial, tourism

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